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7 Awesome Alternatives to a Baby Shower

by Bernadette Whyte
alternatives to baby shower

Not having a traditional baby shower? No problem. There are still several alternatives to a baby shower to choose from.

Here are 7 ways to celebrate your new bundle of joy with the people you love the most.


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#1. A Sprinkle

If having a big baby shower isn’t for you, a baby sprinkle may be just what you need.


What’s a baby sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is a basically a light version of a baby shower. They’re one of the most common alternatives to a baby shower and are usually held for a family’s second child.

Like a shower, it’s a chance for family and friends to celebrate the sweet bundle of joy that will be making his or her debut into the world soon.


Keep this in mind when throwing a baby sprinkle

Unlike a baby shower, the focus of  a baby sprinkle isn’t on giving the parents gifts because parents usually have most of the baby gear they’ll need for their second child.

However, it’s still a celebration of a beautiful new life coming into the world and gifts are totally appropriate.

Gifts at a sprinkle usually consist of diapers, wipes, books, and clothes.

Adding a newborn to a family with young kids can be a big adjustment and a lot of work for mom and dad.

Gifts that can help lighten the load like meal delivery services, cleaning services, and gift cards can also be really helpful.

table setting for a baby sprinkle, one of the popular alternatives to a baby shower



#2. Virtual Baby Shower

What if you could celebrate your new baby with friends and family anywhere in the world with ease?

That’s the magic of a virtual baby shower…


What’s a virtual baby shower?

Unlike traditional baby showers where guests usually gather in person, a virtual shower takes place online using a platform like Zoom or WebBabyShower.com.

Virtual baby showers include all the fun of a traditional shower, but with the added convenience of doing it from home.

This is one of my favorite alternatives to a baby shower, especially if you have family and friends who don’t live near you.

Virtual showers can bring the people you love the most together, even if you’re on opposite ends of the world.

It’s also an awesome option for celebrating while remaining socially distanced.


Keep this in mind when throwing a virtual baby shower

There are some adjustments that you’ll need to make for a virtual party, for example:


– Decide whether you want to open gifts during your shower.

Some people opt not to open gifts on camera because it can be an uncomfortably long process. In this case, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to guests personally to thank them for their gift.


– Decide what games and activities to play.

Some classic baby shower games require the use of props. For a virtual shower, you may opt to forgo those games altogether.

Or, you can mail party packs to your guests.

Party packs should include everything they need to participate like any props, favors, etc…


– Choose game prizes that are easy to deliver.

You may opt to send virtual gift cards, instead of giving physical prizes.


PRO TIP: You can use this baby shower checklist and timeline as a guide for planning a virtual baby shower.


#3. Drive-By Shower

How do you have an epic party with your friends and family, without them ever having to step out of their cars?

Introducing drive-by showers…

A fun, festive way to celebrate with your favorite people in a safe, socially distanced way.


What’s a drive-by baby shower?

Simply put, a drive-by or drive-thru baby shower is a socially distanced spin on traditional baby showers, where guests drive by mom-to-be’s house, drop off gifts, and shower her with lots and lots of love.

It’s basically a mini parade for the mom-to-be and it’s awesome.

If you stop by a drive-by shower, you’ll often see cars in the lineup playing music, honking their horns, and guests sharing well wishes as they drive thru and drop of their gift.

Drive-by showers are an alternative to traditional baby showers that came about recently as the pandemic forced us to find creative ways to celebrate.


Drive-by baby shower, one of the popular alternatives to a baby shower

Image credit: @groovinonapps via Twenty20


Keep this in mind when throwing a drive-thru baby shower

Drive-thru baby showers are probably not the best option if you live in the city or if many of your guests don’t own cars.

Also, keep in mind that drive-by baby showers are fairly new, so you may have to explain how it works to guests.

Drive-by showers are less formal, take less time, and are also much less work than traditional showers.

However, that doesn’t make them any less special or enjoyable.

To create that baby shower vibe, make sure you have shower favors ready to hand out to guests, decorate your yard, and set up a gifts table at the curb.


#4. Sip n’ See Welcome Party

Time constraints, unexpected issues with pregnancy, or major world events that change the way we do things (I’m looking at you 2020), are just some of the reasons you may opt not to have a traditional baby shower.

Whatever the reason you didn’t celebrate before baby came, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate once your baby’s arrived.

Introducing the Sip and See welcome party…


What’s a Sip n’ See welcome party?

A Sip n’ See welcome party is another one of the alternatives to a baby shower that’s becoming more popular.

Unlike traditional baby showers which take place before a baby is born, a Sip n’ See is a party that’s held after the baby’s birth.

It’s a chance for guests to gather together, sip some light drinks, and mingle as they take turns meeting the baby.


Keep this in mind when throwing a Sip n’ See welcome party

A Sip n’ See  can be held in place of a traditional baby shower, or in addition to one, whichever you prefer. They’re also more casual and shorter than a traditional baby shower.

Also, while you may start some preliminary planning while you’re pregnant, it’s best to wait until after the baby’s born to set a date for the party.

Lastly, be sure to have someone help you host the party. As a new mom, you probably won’t want the hassle of setting up before or cleaning up after the party.


#5. Open House

Let’s face it, there are many reasons a traditional baby shower may not work for you.

Especially if you have a large family and friend group, but limited space or budget.

If that’s you, an Open House may be the perfect option.


What’s an Open House Baby Shower?

An Open House is a an alternative to a traditional baby shower and the key is that instead of having all your guests come by at once, you stagger their arrival.

Guests are assigned a specific window of time (ex, between 1pm-2pm) during which they can come by to celebrate and mingle with mama-to-be.

Open Houses have become more and more popular, especially since the pandemic hit and we’ve had to find creative ways to celebrate while socially distancing.

The truth is, unless you have access to a large space, you may not have enough room or feel comfortable having dozens of people over.

With an Open House it’s easier to celebrate with all your friends and family while still being safe.


Keep this in mind when throwing an Open House

To plan an Open House shower, set a specific time block for the event, for example between 11-2pm.

Then invite a portion of your guests to stop by between a certain time, for example 11-12pm.

Stagger your entire guest list this way, with the next group being invited to stop by between 12-1pm.

One of the awesome things about an Open House is that since you’re only having a few guests over at a time, you get more quality time with them.


#6. Baby Shower by Mail

Often times loved ones still want to celebrate and support mama-to-be even if they can’t do it in person.

Your friends and family know how expensive having a new baby is, and will want to shower you with gifts even if you’re unable to have a baby shower.

A Baby Shower by Mail is one way to let them support you from a distance.


What’s a baby shower by mail?

A baby shower by mail is when you invite guests to mail gifts to the parents-to-be, instead of bringing gifts in person like they would at a traditional baby shower.

Having to quarantine made getting together really hard and at times impossible.

But that didn’t make celebrating new life any less special or important.

Mail in showers became a really easy way for parents-to-be to get showered with love, even from a distance.


Keep this in mind when doing a Baby Shower By Mail

If you have a registry, you can share it with friends and family, many of whom will likely ask for your registry link.

Amazon and BuyBuyBaby are 2 of my favorite registry services – definitely check them out.

If you don’t have a registry, friends and family may still send essentials like meal delivery kits, diapers and wipes, cleaning services, and anything else that will make a new parent’s life easier.


#7. Ladies’ Night

A ladies’ night is a fun alternative to a baby shower.

Instead of a big formal event, you can invite your favorite girls to hang out and have some fun.

Bringing new life into this world is nothing short of spectacular and who better to celebrate with than your girls!

Whether you do a virtual ladies night over Zoom, a cozy one at home, or you hit the town together, your night is bound to be filled with lots of laughter and fun.

After all, you may not be able to hang out with your friends as much right after baby comes.


Keep this in mind when doing a ladies’ night

Your girls night out may look very different now that you’re pregnant.

Make sure you plan activities and destinations that are pregnancy friendly.

If you’re going out, keep any physical limitations in mind.

Also, if your girlfriends have kids, their schedules may be a little harder to coordinate. Make sure you give everyone enough time to play ahead.


#8. The Hybrid Approach

This is your special day, so don’t limit yourself to just one idea.

Combine your favorite options together to create an event and memory as unique and special as your sweet baby.

For example, love the idea of a Sip and See, but uncomfortable with having people around your newborn? Just make it a virtual Sip and See to get the best of both worlds.

Or want to celebrate in-person with the people closest to you, but still want to include your other friends and family? I’m in the same boat. My husband and I are having a few of our closest friends over to our house and they’ll be with us while we do the virtual baby shower.

I have another friend who’s doing a drive-by shower for most of her guest list and then having a backyard bbq with her closest family and friends.

So go ahead, mix and match ideas and create an event you’ll cherish for years to come.


How to choose the best alternatives to a baby shower

Traditional baby showers may not be your jam, or it may not be possible for you to do right now.

Whatever your reason, there are still many ways to celebrate you and your new bundle of joy!

I hope the alternatives to a baby shower that I shared in this post helped get your creativity flowing as you decide on the best option for you.

And remember, the best option is always the one that works best for you.

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