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Baby Shower Word Scramble with Answers (4 Free Designs)

by Bernadette Whyte
Celebrately's free Baby Scramble Game

This Baby Shower Word Scramble (with answers) is super fun and free to download.

The games and activities part of your baby shower is one of the most interactive parts for guests.

So it’s extra important to choose baby shower games that don’t suck.

We played the Baby Word Scramble at my baby shower and I can tell you first hand, we had a lot of fun.

So if you’re looking for a baby shower game that your guests will love, look no further.


Download the Baby Shower Word Scramble with Answers

We created 4 beautiful color schemes for you to choose from.

To download:

  1. Simply click the button beneath the design you like.
  2. A new tab will open showing both the baby word scramble and the answer key.
  3. Click the download button.


Free Baby Shower Word Scramble in Blue


Give me This!


Free Printable Baby Word Scramble in Pink


Give me This!



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Word Scramble in Blue and Pink


Give me This!



Baby Shower Word Scramble in Pink and Blue


Give me This!



Ideas for Playing the Baby Shower Word Scramble

The Baby Word Scramble, can easily become drawn out.

I’ve seen some people complain that it took too long for guests to finish playing.

To avoid this, simply set a time limit for the game.

For example, at my baby shower we didn’t ask guests to finish the entire scramble.

We put a 3 minute timer on and the winner was whoever got the most answers in that time.

That kept the game short, sweet, and fun.

And of course, we gave the winner a nice prize afterwards.


How to Play

Playing the Baby Shower Word Scramble is easy and fun.


Playing the Baby Word Scramble at an In-person baby shower

To start:

  1. Download and Print a copy of the baby word scramble for each guest. (Keep in mind that the game prints 2 to a page)
  2. Cut each sheet of paper down the middle.
  3. Give each guest a copy of the game along with a pen or pencil.
  4. Let guests know how long they have to unscramble as many words as possible.
  5. Set a timer and start playing.

Finding the Winner

The winner of the game will be whoever unscrambles all the words first, or whoever’s unscrambled the most words by the time the timer goes off.

If you have a lot of guests at your shower, an easy way to find the winner is to have guests self eliminate.

For example, start by asking anyone who got 5 or more  answer to raise their hands. Then ask only the people who got 10 or more to keep their hands up. Continue this process until you’re left with your top players.

Then you can have the final 2 or 3 share their answers.


Playing at a Virtual baby shower

There a couple of ways you can tweak this game for a virtual baby shower. Here are a couple of ideas:


Mail out Party Packs

If your baby shower is small enough, consider mailing party packs to all your guests.

Party packs will include anything guests will need to participate in the baby shower (ex. physical copies of all the games, props, favors, etc.)

You want to mail party packs a couple weeks in advance to ensure guests receive them. Make sure you give yourself enough lead time to create and mail them.

When it’s time to play games, simply instruct guests to pull out their party pack and grab their Baby Shower Word Scramble paper and a pen.


Share your screen

This is the method we used for my baby shower, and in my opinion it’s the easiest.

My host downloaded all the games on her computer, then she shared her screen so everyone could see the game.

Guests were instructed to grab a pen and paper to write down their answers.

We used tip #3 below to make it easy to figure out who won.


Finding a Winner

Since you’re not physically there to see your guests’ answers, you’ll need to get creative with finding a way to verify which ones they got correct. Here are 3 easy ways to do that:


If they have a physical copy of the game or if they wrote their answers down on a sheet of paper:

1. Ask them to hold up their game cards or answer sheet so everyone can see their answers.


If they don’t have a physical copy of the game:

2. If you instructed them to type their answers in a Word or Notes document, ask them to share their screens.

3. Alternatively, you can ask them to put their answers in the chat box. If it looks like you might have a tie, you’ll want each contender to submit their answers at the same time. Have each person type their answers, but tell them not to press “Send” until you give them the green light. Wait until all your finalists have typed their answers, then have them submit them via the chat box at the same time.


That’s a Wrap

That’s a wrap for this post.

I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I did.

For other baby shower games and activities, be sure to check out these posts.

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