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21 Best Baby Shower Venue Ideas

by Bernadette Whyte
Baby Shower at Beach - Featured Photo for "Best places to have a baby shower" blog post

Your baby shower venue should set the stage for the picture perfect party.

Of course, doing a baby shower at home, or even hosting a virtual baby shower, is an option.

However, if that’s not your jam, check out these 21 awesome and unique baby shower venue ideas.

One of them may just be the perfect place to host the baby shower of your dreams.


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21 of the best baby shower venue ideas

Finding the best baby shower venue is definitely one of the first things you’ll need to cross off your baby shower planning checklist.

Keep in mind that some places may be booked weeks or months in advance.

So the quicker you make a decision, the easier your planning process will be.

And don’t forget to check out the 7 things you should definitely consider before landing on a final decision.

Let’s jump into our list of the 21 best places to have a baby shower.


#1. An art studio

women enjoying baby shower at a Paint-and-sip event

Is mama-to-be creative or crafty?

Do you think she’d enjoy creating a piece of art almost as unique and beautiful as her sweet bundle of joy?

If so, then hosting her baby shower at a local crafts store is a great idea.

There are so many fun crafts you can do as a group.

From pottery making to a paint-and-sip night, there are plenty of options.

Plus mom will walk away with a beautiful keepsake.

Just make sure that anything you choose is safe for pregnancy.


#2. A spa or nail salon

girls celebrating baby shower at a nail salon (ideas for where to have a baby shower)

I don’t know about you, but few things sound better than getting pampered with my girls…

Especially while pregnant…

Take mama-to-be somewhere she can some TLC, hang with her girls, and have some fun.

A spa or nail salon provides a cozy and relaxing atmosphere which is probably just what mom wants in her 3rd trimester.

If you really like this idea, but getting out to a spa or nail salon isn’t possible, consider turning your living room into one.

You can have mobile nail techs and/or masseuses come over and offer a pampering session from the comfort of your own home.

Your living room is an intimate setting that can become the perfect place for a small gathering of mom’s close friends.


#3. A local park

baby shower at a park - image for "best places to have a baby shower" blog post

Depending on the time of year and your local weather, a park could be a great place to have a baby shower.

It’s especially a great option for kid-friendly baby showers. If other parents are coming with their littles, a park offers plenty of opportunities to keep them entertained during the shower.

Have a park nearby that has picnic tables, or outdoor bbq stations?

Then you’re already halfway there, with easy seating for guests and a place to grill food (if that’s your thing).

If not, you can buy or rent your own foldable tables and chairs, get decorations, and bring food.

Then you’re all set with the foundation for your baby shower in the park.

Another upside is that parks are a budget-friendly option.

And in some places, they may be completely free.

Some parks may also offer the option to reserve a cabana or designated outdoor space.

But keep in mind that reservations and a deposit, may be required, especially for larger groups.

To avoid any headaches on the day of the shower, make sure you research the park’s requirements (if any) before sending out your invitations.


#4. A restaurant

Friends greeting each other over lunch - baby shower at a restaurant

What about having your baby shower at mom-to-be’s favorite restaurant?

Just call the restaurant and reserve a few tables, or maybe even a private room.

One of the upsides of hosting it a restaurant is that the food, seating, and parking are usually built into the experience.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

Not to mention, setting up is also a breeze.

Simply recruit a couple of people to arrive to the venue early to help you do some light decorating.

A restaurant is a good option for small groups, but if you’re expecting a larger number of guests, #5 on this list might be a better option.


#5. A banquet hall

banquet hall that can be used as a baby shower venue

Have you checked into local banquet halls near you?

If you’re having a more formal shower, or need to accommodate a larger guest list, a banquet hall could be a perfect option.

Local banquet halls will likely have a few different room sizes and price points to choose from – so it’ll help to have a general idea of how big your guest list will be.

They often have their own catering services, which means you won’t have to worry about cooking. Simply work with their team to create a personalized menu.

Again, cleaning up will be a breeze since they’ll likely do most of that for you.


#6. A rooftop

people mingling on rooftop while at a co-ed baby shower

Local businesses are becoming more savvy and are often eager to find ways to use every square inch of their building.

You may be able to find local restaurants or galleries that have transformed their roof into the perfect event space.

A rooftop terrace is an awesome option for a baby shower.

Not only will the backdrop for the shower be an awesome view of your city, but partying on the rooftop creates a certain ambiance.

Two factors to consider are the time of year and the weather in your area.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a backup plan in case the weather is surprisingly uncooperative that day.


#7. Botanical Garden

Picture this…

A spring or summer baby shower held in a breathtakingly beautiful garden…

Tasty refreshments, complimented by perfectly delicious cocktails and mocktails that mom-to-be and guests are sure to enjoy.

The combination of the perfect scenery, amazing food, and the presence of her friends and family are sure to make this baby shower one that mom-to-be will never forget.

If this sounds like your idea of an awesome baby shower, you’re in luck.

Your local botanical gardens are likely to double as venues for events like baby showers and weddings.

The larger the garden, the more likely they are to offer different locations on the property where you can hold your shower.

Which means there’s plenty of room to host a large guest list.

And again, having it at a venue like this means that you’ll likely have a lot less work to do in terms of setting up and cleaning up.

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue, a Botanical garden is the perfect location.


#8. The Beach

baby shower at the beach

Baby Shower at the beach? Umm, yes please! 

I think this one is self explanatory, but if you’re still wondering what makes the beach one of the perfect baby shower venue, let’s dive in.

If weather permits, the beach provides an awesome ambiance and atmosphere for a fun filled day.

The beach is the perfect backdrop for mama-to-be to take some breathtaking pictures with her crew.

And there will be more than enough space for everyone to gather without being on top of each other.

Plus, many beaches have picnic tables or bbq areas that make for the perfect place to set up a shower.

Because the ocean provides the perfect backdrop, you’ll only have to do some light decorating and set up.

So if you have a beach nearby, and are expecting great weather, this option may make it onto your short list.

As always, remember to have a backup plan in case the weather is bad.


#9. Community Center

exterior of local community center

A local community center is another awesome place to have a baby shower.

If you live in a city, or an area where most guests don’t drive, a community center is likely to be conveniently located.

They’re also likely to have multiple rooms or spaces available to rent.

Compare prices and options for your local community centers to see which one gives you the best value.

As always, you’ll want to make sure you go see the venue space in person before putting down a deposit.


#10. Poolside

pool party decorations

If the beach isn’t your thing, maybe a pool-side get together will tickle your fancy.

There’s something irresistible about relaxing with your favorite people around a pool on a beautiful day.

Mama-to-be will be able to dip her toes in the water between mingling with guests and playing fun baby shower games.

A few balloons, a gift table, and a nice place for mom to sit are an easy way to start decorating the space.

If kids are on the guest list, you’ll want to take that into consideration. Parents may be especially distracted if they have to watch young kids while they’re around the pool.



#11. A Church Hall

exterior of a church

If mom-to-be is a church goer, her church may be the perfect venue to hold her baby shower.

Many churches have rooms and spaces that can be rented out.

You can call the church office to find out about their availability and to make the necessary arrangements.

Some churches may require you to be a member in order to rent a space, so keep that in mind.

Also, you’ll likely be responsible for all the preparations and cleaning up, so be sure to recruit people to help you.


#12. Barn

party in a barn

Bring on the rustic vibes!

Talk about a wonderfully unique place to host a charming baby shower party.

And if mom-to-be is a country gal who’s highly likely to show up to her shower in a pair of cowboy boots, she’s bound to love this idea.

One of the things we love about using a barn as the venue for your baby shower, is that it’s versatile.

You can dress up and get really fancy, or keep it casual and relaxed.

Either way, you can create an atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting.


#13. A lake house

view from a lake house

There’s something about being out in nature that makes it easy to unwind and relax.

Imagine celebrating mom-to-be on a beautiful day, with family and friends, and a beautiful lake as your backdrop.

If you or someone you know owns a lake house, it may be an absolutely wonderful place for your shower.

You may also be able to rent one using a service like AirBnB.

Just keep your guests and mom-to-be in mind and make sure that the location you pick is convenient for them.


#14. A Hotel

hotel exterior

Hotels host private events all the time, and it’s one of the most popular options.

You could host the shower in the hotel’s meeting room, or you go the more cozy route and rent a hotel room.

For example, you can do it old-school and have an old-fashioned slumber party (slumber not required) with mom-to-be’s closest friends.

Her favorite foods, snacks, and drinks, coupled with fun games, will make her day!

Plus, you can even include a trip to the hotel’s spa.

If you have a bigger guest list, you can rent one of the hotel’s conference rooms and throw a party she’ll remember forever.


#15. A mansion or Party House

view of a mansion

You don’t have to live large to party like you do.

Services like Air BnB make it incredibly easy to rent really nice homes or mansions for a day or a couple of days.

Even if you’re having a small and intimate get together, renting a nice house could be the perfect option for your baby shower.

It’ll provide enough space for guests to move around freely, and still give you a cozy and private environment.

Mom-to-be will feel like she’s living in th lap of luxury.

If you’re using a service like Air BnB just make sure you double check that the property owners don’t have any restrictions that would affect you.


#16. Your Condo or Apartment’s Club house

clubhouse at an apartment complex

If you live in an apartment or a condo that has a clubhouse, the answer to your venue search may just be a few short steps outside your door.

Renting the clubhouse there is usually a budget friendly and convenient option.

It’ll make setting up and cleaning up easier, because you won’t have to transport decorations and supplies very far.

Since it’s a common area, you’ll want to reserve your date and pay the rental fee as soon as possible.


#17. A Local Tea room

ladies having a party at a tea room

Tea party anyone?

If you think mom-to-be would enjoy socializing with her best gals and sipping a delicious cup of tea, then start checking out local tearooms.

You can even set a theme fitting with this venue by asking guests to dress in customary tea party attire. Think bright colors, wide brimmed hats, and semi formal attire.

Don’t have a tearoom near you, but still love the idea of tea party?

Choose another location, like #19, #5, or #3 on this list, and throw a tea party themed baby shower.


#18. A Chocolate Factory

variety of chocolate bars

Does mom-to-be have a sweet tooth?

Then you’ll love this baby shower venue idea.

How about giving her the chance to indulge a little by hosting her shower at a chocolate factory, or anywhere you can set up a dessert bar.

She can’t enjoy wine tasting right now, but that doesn’t mean she has to miss out on the fun.

If there’s not a chocolate factory near you, how about finding someplace she can do a dessert tasting or cake tasting.

This baby shower venue option is almost as sweet as her little bundle of joy will be.


#19. A Backyard

baby shower in backyard

So you don’t want to have the baby shower in the house?

What about outside of the house?

A nice spacious backyard could be the perfect baby shower venue, especially if the weather is good.

Believe it or not, backyards are one of the most common baby shower locations.

Guests will have more space to move about, which can be especially helpful if you want to throw a quarantine friendly baby shower.

Just make sure to pick a time of day when it’s not too cool or too hot.

That may mean skipping a mid-day shower and opting to do one at sunset.


#20. On a Boat

women partying on a boat

Does mom-to-be love being out on the water?

If so, how about hosting her baby shower on a boat.

Don’t own one? No sweat. You can rent one for a few hours on sites like Air BnB.

Worried about mom-to-be potentially getting nauseous? You don’t even have to set sail.

She’ll still enjoy the nice breeze from the ocean while taking in the breathtaking views.  A few friends, good conversation, fun games, yummy eats, and a relaxed atmosphere is all you’ll need to set this party in motion.


#21. Golf Club or Country Club

view of a golf course clubhouse

Our baby shower venue ideas list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning golf clubs and country clubs.

If you or the parents-to-be are members at a golf club, their clubhouse may be the perfect baby shower venue.

They’ll have private areas you can rent out, and can accommodate large gatherings.

The golf course provides a beautiful view, plus you can work with their staff to coordinate and plan the baby shower.

The clubhouse is sure to be a hot spot among club members, so be sure to book your date early.

Mom-to-be likely won’t be able to play golf, but she’s sure to enjoy the beautiful views, delicious food, and time spent with her loved ones.


How to choose the perfect baby shower venue idea

The baby shower is one of the most special occasions for an expecting mom.

The list of baby shower venue ideas is long, so how do you choose the best venue for this special occasion?

These 7 questions will help you make the best decision.


#1. What’s your budget?

Know how much you want to spend ahead of time.

Your budget should be considered in every decision you make regarding this shower. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to throw a really nice baby shower.

Also, keep in mind that even if you’re having a small shower, things can add up quickly. Between the venue, food, decorations, and supplies, you can easily spend more than you intended.

We recommend setting up your budget before making any other decisions.


#2. Do you want to be responsible for cleaning up after?

You’re gonna work hard planning the baby shower.

Do you want to work hard after it’s done?

If not, consider hosting the shower at a venue that will take care of cleaning up for you.

Then after the shower all you’ll have to focus on is kicking your feet up and giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.


#3. What’s your party size?

Your baby shower guest list will affect both your budget and the venue you choose.

Choose a venue that can comfortably fit all your guests.

Also, remember that certain venues will cost more based on the number of guests attending, so keep your budget in mind when making your decision.


#4. Are kids invited to the shower?

If kids are invited to the shower, parents are much more likely to be distracted as they’ll have to keep an eye their kids.

In addition to planning kid friendly activities, you also want to choose a kid friendly venue.

For example, a pool side or ocean front venue may not be the best choices if young kids will be attending.


#5. What will the weather be like?

Remember, at this point in her pregnancy, mom is likely to be physically uncomfortable already.

So if you’re hosting an outdoor shower, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it during a season and at a time of day when it’s neither too hot nor too cold for her.

Also, if you’re having an outdoor shower, you’ll want to have a Plan B just in case the weather day-of is not what you expected it to be.


#6. Will mom-to-be be comfortable?

This is the most important question on this list.

When choosing a venue, choose a place that’s conveniently located for her and somewhere that she’ll feel comfy.


#7. Is the venue conveniently located?

Do most of your guests drive or will they be relying on public transportation to get to the shower?

Choose a destination thats conveniently located and easy to access for mom-to-be’s friends and family.


Keep this in mind when booking your baby shower venue

1. Book the baby shower venue ASAP

Once you’ve picked a venue, book your event quickly. Many places are booked weeks or months in advance, so the earlier you do it, the better.


2. Ask about parking for guests

There’s nothing quite as annoying as showing up for an event only to spend 20 minutes circling around trying to find parking.

Speak to your venue to find out where your guests can park. You’ll also want to find out if they have a parking/valet fee.


3. Be clear on what the venue provides and what you need to provide

Run through the day’s events in your head and make a list of everything you’ll need.

Find out what the venue provides and what you’ll need to provide.

For example, if you’re bringing your own cake, will they have a fridge available where you can keep it until the party starts?


4. Know how you will help transport gifts for mom (if needed)

Mom-to-be may get more gifts than she has room for in the trunk of her car.

If that’s the case, have a plan for helping her transport the rest of her gifts home.


Finding local baby shower venue ideas

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of the best places to have a baby shower, it’s time to find baby shower venues near you.

Below are 7 apps/websites that can help you find a local baby shower venue.

Explore each one until you find your perfect baby shower venue.

1. Yelp
2. Air BnB
3. Splacer.co
4. sharemyspace.com
5. https://eventup.com
6. https://www.eventective.com/
7. https://www.peerspace.com/


Final thoughts on the best places to have a baby shower

The best place is the place that works best for mom-to-be.

Keep in mind what works best for her may not be a traditional baby shower.

One of these baby shower alternatives may be a safer bet, especially if she prefers to celebrate while socially distancing.

If she has friends and family who don’t live near her, consider doing a full or partial virtual baby shower.

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